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Sandhills Repeater Network


The N1RIK Repeater Network / Carolina 440 Network


444.200 is back online !!  29.660 is still offline

The N1RIK Repeater Network is currently made up of 442.250 & 53.150 in McCain, and 444.200 in Vass.  So far between these two UHF repeaters and the 6m repeater, mobile coverage is from the fringe of the triangle (Apex) to south of Dillon, South Carolina.


442.250 and 53.150 are located at the highest point in Hoke County which is right next to the McCain prison.  Also located at the same watertank location is the KG4HDV442.100 (requires a 100.0 hz tone).


Both of the UHF Repeaters are linked together full time, and 442.250 has a link radio that is full-time linked into the Carolina 440 Network via the K4JDR 441.725 repeater in Raleigh, which covers most of Eastern North Carolina and parts of Virgina and South Carolina. More info can be found about the system @ http://www.carolina440.net


This system also features IRLP and Echolink capabilities.  IRLP Node # 4270 and Echolink Node # 42704.  The Raleigh Echolink System requires a prefix code of 4 #  Then the normal node number all in one stream.  The UHF Systems EchoLink can hold up to 10 conference connections from users.  International stations are blocked and only United States, Iraq and Afghanistan connections can be made.  Entering TouchTone® 4 1 1 will give info over the air.


Repeaters in the Carolina 440 Network is the following:


Raleigh System 

441.725+ 100 PL     K4JDR,   Raleigh-Fairgrounds Backbone Hub  (No Hang Time) (Antenna pattern Northeast)

442.250+ 107.2 PL  N1RIK,    McCain/Southern Pines, NC  
442.425+ 100 PL      K4OBX,   Buxton, NC 
(Outer Banks) *VoIP Link full time on 9210
443.450+  100 PL     KD4RAA,  Cane Mountain/Snow Camp,  (Antenna pattern NE ) 
444.025+ 100 PL      K4JDR,    Benson, NC  
444.075+ 100 PL     KC4SCO,  RTP/Morrisville at CISCO  
*VoIP Link On Demand to 9210
444.150+ 100 PL      
K4JDR,    Clayton, NC   TEMP off the air, new repeater under constr.
444.200+179.9 PL    N1RIK,    Vass, NC    
444.325+ 100 PL 
     KF4AUF,  Holly Springs, NC   
444.375+ 100 PL
     KB4WGA, Henderson, NC

444.550+ 100 PL     K4JDR,     Coats, NC  Coastal and Down East link path, (Usually No Hang Time).
444.775+ 100 PL 
    K4JDR,     Cary, NC * LOW POWER TEMPORARY backup repeater
444.875+ 100 PL     KD4RAA,  Wendell, NC  
444.925+ 94.8 PL    KB4WGA, Durham, NC
  TEMPORARILY off the link,
 Looking to be back sometime in FALL 2013.
*145.330- 100 PL    K4JDR,     Goldsboro, NC (Antenna Pattern East)
*VHF repeater Linked to System 

 *53.150- 100 PL    N1RIK,     McCain / Aberdeen, NC On Demand Link**

*440.800+ 100 PL     KJ4EST, Itinerant Tactical portable repeater linkable to Carolina 440/including EchoLink
*441.300+ 100 PL     KB4RGC, Itinerant Tactical Echo-IRLP portable repeater Node 3614, linkable to Carolina 440.


Links to the Downeast and Coastal Networks are currently down.


 442.250 MHz (+) / Offset 5 MHz – McCain, North Carolina




PL Access – 107.2 Hz

Power Supply – Motorola MSF5000 Supply

Antenna: Decibel Products DB-420 (10.4 dbd) 16 dipole array @ 132 feet (mounted on top of the water tank)

Repeater: GE Mastr Exec II Converted by Henry Hamblin, WB4IVB

Power Output: 65-watts

Preamp: Advanced Receiver Research - 17 db gain (0.5 db noise figure)

Controller: Computer Automated Technologies CAT-250

Duplexer: Sinclair Q3220 Pass/Reject 4 cavity

Add'l Filtering: (1) Motorola Pass/Reject on TX, (2) Bandpass on RX

Link Radio: GE UHF Phoenix (linked to Carolina 440 Network)

Link Antenna: Laird 6 Element UHF yagi mounted to the watertank railing

Cable: 170 feet of 7/8” Andrews Heliax

Ground Elevation: 551 feet ASL

Antenna Elevation: 683 feet ASL

Height Above Average Terrain: 352 feet

Coverage: Moore, Cumberland, Hoke, Harnett, Robeson, Scottland, Richmond, Lee Counties & beyond




  53.150 MHz (-) / Offset 1 MHz – McCain, North Carolina



PL Access – 100.0 Hz

Power Supply – Unknown 40 amp supply

Antenna: DB Products DB-212 Dipole - facing NE

Repeater: Motorola Maratrac / Radius built by Dan Renfro, WA4PXV

Power Output: 100-watts

Controller: Micro Computer Concepts RC-100

Preamp: Advanced Receiver Research 15 db gain MosFET 

Duplexer: Sinclair RG101GC 6 notch cavity

Add'l Filtering: (1) DB Products Pass Cavity on RX, (1) WA4PXV Hombrew Pass Cavity on TX, (1) Maverick 6 meter Low Pass Helical Filter on TX

Link Radio: Motorola UHF Radius (linkable to 442.250 on demand)

Link Antenna: Dummy load

Cable: 110 Feet of Andrews 1/2" Heliax & a 36 foot jumper of Andrews 3/8" Heliax. 




444.200 MHz (+) / Offset 5 MHz – Vass, NC (formely in Johnsonville)




PL Access – None, but soon to be 107.2 hz when needed

Power Supply – Chinese 30 amp switching supply

Antenna: Tram 1481 @ 110 ft.

Repeater: Motorola GR300 running apx. 28-watts

Controller: Computer Automation Technologies CAT-200B

Duplexer: Motorola T1504 Pass/Reject Duplexer (over 90 db of isolation) 

Add'l Filtering: DB Products Pass/Reject UHF Cavity between the duplexer and preamp on RX 

Preamp: Hamtronics LNK-450 – 18 db gain – 0.8 db noise figure

Cable: 110 feet of 1/2” RFS / Celwave Helical Hardline

Ground Elevation: 320 feet ASL

Antenna Elevation: 430 feet ASL at base

Link Radio: Motorola Radius GM300  (link to 442.250 in McCain)

Link Antenna: 1/2 wave UHF aluminum J-pole @ 25 ft. AGL



Coverage: Moore, Cumberland, Hoke, Harnett, and Lee counties




 McCain Site - 442.250 Antenna in the center of the tank..  KG4HDV's 442.100 repeater is the DB-420 mounted to the ladder of the tank.  The 53.150 antenna is a DB-212 mounted to the top of the DB-224 VHF antenna, pointing towards the northeast.




This photo better shows the placement of the DB-212 for the 53.150 repeater.  Also you can see the UHF link antenna beaming northeast towards Raleigh. 



McCain Site photo before we changed the 6m antenna -- 442.250 is on the DB-420 antenna on top of the tank.  KG4HDV's 442.100 repeater is on the DB-420 on the right hand side.  The DB-224 VHF antenna on the railing use to have the 155.040 Public Works repeater on it.  Next to the DB-224 is a 19 ft. mast supporting a AR-6 Ringo which is connected to the 53.150 repeater.




Vass Site - 444.200 is on this Tram 1481 sticking out of the top of the top of the 110 foot tower.  Below it is some microwave internet radios linking to K4TKM's Wireless ISP tower sites... The repeater link antenna is shown towards the bottom of the photo



 Close-up of the 444.200 antenna with the microwave internet dish mounted below it, beaming towards a tower site in Carthage.



The Comet Antenna that we had installed at the old 444.200 site, before I realized that it was causing duplex noise... After that, I doctored back up the old Hustler G6-440 antenna, and Tom K4TKM swapped it back.






 Picture of 53.150 after I installed a Advanced Receiver Research 15 db MosFET Preamp, and hooked the repeater up to a 40 amp power supply after the Tripp Lite supply failed.


 53.150 / 442.250  Location on the map - McCain, North Carolina




 Mobile footprint for the 53.150 Repeater





 Mobile footprint for the 442.250 Repeater






 The old 444.200 Repeater Location on the Map (soon to be 6m remote receiver for 53.150) - Johnsonville, North Carolina






 McCain Repeater site, shown with a 400 ft. commercial tower in front of it...  The Hoke County Prison is behind it.  This was taken before the 6 meter repeater was installed.


The old 53.150 Ringo Antenna 


The 442.100 DB-420... Showing 2 DB-224s before we took one down to put the 6 meter Ringo up. 


The 442.250 DB-420 Antenna on the very top of the tank @ 132 feet. 


 Another shot of the 6m Ringo on the 19 foot mast, clamped to the railing. 


Another shot of the 442.250 Antenna with a nice view in the background. 




Tom, K4TKM taking a picture of his foot from 110 feet up in the air.



 Tom, K4TKM installing the newly rigged mast supporting the old 6 meter ringo.


Getting things straight 


Getting the brackets on 


Checking out on top 


 Assessing everything


 At rest.


 Heading up !!


 K4TKM rigging a mast out of a DB products antenna mast and a Radio Shack 10 ft. tv mast.






29.660 (-) / Offset 100 KHz – Carthage, North Carolina


 PL Access – 107.2 Hz




The 444.200 Repeater as I purchased it from Ebay.  I've since replaced the controller with a CAT-200B and replaced the duplexer with a Motorola T1504A pass/reject type.