N1RIKs Ham Radio & Repeater Network Page

Sandhills Repeater Network

Who we are?

My name is Bill Curtis, callsign N1RIK.  I'm originally from New Hampshire, but moved down to North Carolina in 2005.  My mission is to develop a VHF/UHF Network that gives excellent coverage of the Sandhills Region, primarily Moore County.  I have been funding this repeater network myself, but am open for any monitary or equipment donations if offered. This repeater system is currently filling in the gaps of coverage that cannot be met by local wide coverage repeaters, like 147.240 & 147.105.  UHF also penetrates buildings better than VHF, making this system accessible in buildings throughout the Southern Pines area, Carthage, Sanford, Faytteville, Raeford, and beyond.  With the addition of 6 meters into the network, we'll have better penetration in the northwestern regions of Moore County, and also give locals the abillity to work FM DX while mobile or portable on UHF.  A 2 meter repeater option may be something  to add for the system in the future also. 



73 ~ Bill, N1RIK